No waste dressing

Hygienic and practical

Certified quality

When away from home


A business lunch, a family holiday, an important event: every dining experience away from home deserves the same flavor as our trusted condiments.

That’s why Olio Rocchi has decided to create a product line designed for the guests of every hotel, restaurant or catering.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Protected Geographical Indication.

Rocchi single dose practical

A single-dose set of 100% Italian Certified Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, contained in a practical and modern package: two small square bottles, stylishly designed and easy to open. The handy shape allows you to nimbly distribute the condiments on your plate while he drip-proof cap avoids the dispersion of liquid ensuring a hygienic and clean experience.

No waste dressing
The best replacement for plastic bags
To be disposed in multi-material waste
Carefully measured amount for a single meal
Hygienic and practical
Italian Certified Oil and PGI Certified Vinegar
Typical and genuine flavors

Olio Rocchi allows you to bring the perfect amount of the most typical and genuine flavors of Italian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar to your table: measured to satisfy a complete meal, the single-dose sets will allow you to avoid both waste and approximate calculations of the quantities used.

The perfect gift to your guest

Our set is also an excellent gift for your consumers! Let them remember the Italian tradition they have experienced from you and thus the excellent quality of your services. You can offer Rocchi Single dose with your business card, in a personalized package, at different times from the meal: a way to invite your customers to always take it with them by reminding them of the values ​​of your business.

Practical and elegant

The elegance and practicality of single-dose bottles express all your attention to the experience of the consumer, to whom you want to ensure well-being during one of the most important moments of the day. A moment of pure pleasure, to enjoy in light-heartedness, where every little gesture is the reflection of a fulfilling holiday, a perfect event, a break of a few hours but relaxing and refreshing. That perfect gesture that only a carefully studied product like Rocchi single dose can guarantee.

All of these values ​​shine through your choices.
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