Olive oil is a food that is extremely rich in sensory qualities that may quickly go lost if improperly stored. Rocchi know that very well so they have equipped their plant with one of the most sophisticated storage systems in the industry. But even at home you can take some precautions to protect the organoleptic properties of your olive oil. The key factors for proper storage are:


Exposure to direct sunlight causes the olive oil to oxidise and, in the long run, odd avours may develop. This is the reason why dark bottles have been chosen. Except for new olive oils, such as Fresco di Macina, which should be used within a few weeks of pressing.


Closing the bottle just after use is always a good rule, since olive oil will oxidise quickly if exposed to air. For the same reason, it should not be poured into a dierent bottle or used to ll up another bottle.


The ideal storage temperature should be as stable as possible, in the range of 15°C – 25°C. An excessively high temperature makes the olive oil rancid, while an excessively low temperature causes the natural components of the oil to crystallise and look muddy. This would not change the quality of the product, but it would need to be brought back to room temperature for a few days.